The Visual Arts in Dublin

The visual arts in Dublin take in many different types of categories that come under the visual arts. Dublin has managed to have a wide range of artists that have contributed to the many different visual art forms which enriched the city’s culture immensly.

While the drawings and paintings that can be found here by many talented artists are much appreciated, what should also not be forgotten and should be enjoyed by visitors to Dublin is the ceramic arts. Within this, the most prominent would be the many famous sculptures that originated in Dublin.

This art form it dates back to prehistoric sculptures. A prime example of this is the Pagan Stone. Also, what must be seen is the Celtic art impressed in the high crosses famous in the middle ages era. While Dublin has much to be proud of in regards to its sculptures it has been overshadowed in some ways in modern times because it is not considered an easy form of art. In general, sculptured pieces were devoted to depicting figures of prominence such as bishops and politicians. Although some pieces of artistic expression can be found.

Conceptual art is another art form under the Visual Arts umbrella. This form of art revolves around the concepts or ideas of the artist. Dublin’s art scene exhibits some fine examples of conceptual art.

Many don’t realize that photography is technically considered to be one of the visual arts. While the photographer doesn’t actually create their subjects, they do capture its essence and this makes them artists in their own right. A prime example of artwork in this form was that of Arthur Field who made it his life’s passion to photograph people on the streets of Dublin. His work received such high recognition that he won an award in the Guinness Funds.

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