The Performing Arts in Dublin

When one is looking at the performing arts in Dublin, Ireland it is important to look at all of the different variations.

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As part of the performing arts that Dublin is so widely recognized for, dance is thoroughly enjoyed in its many different forms. The types of dance that are common include Irish step dancing and Irish set dances. Not only is it the rhythm and intricate step movements that make these forms of dancing so impressive, it’s the costumes that are worn during their performances that delight all those that have the opportunity to both see it and perform it.


There are many music genres to be found in Dublin. Most well known for Irish traditional music, this small city has its fair share of musicians who are into the rock and roll along with punk rock to satisfy the younger generations. Classical music is also a genre that Dublin favors but they have not ignored an appreciation for jazz.


Theater should not be overlooked when discussing the arts in Ireland. There have been many notable actors and actresses that have made their name known here such as Michael Gambon, Colin Farrell and Brendon Gleason. Opera productions make up part of the theatre scene and outstanding performances can be enjoyed at the Gaiety Theatre. On a newer note the Grand Canal Theatre now hosts many of Dublin’s finest theatre productions.


Mime and comedy is a form of theatre entertainment that is well recognized in Dublin and it is something that every visitor to this location should make a point of seeing. While Mime may not be that popular in other parts of the world it certainly gains fair recognition here in Dublin and throughout the UK.

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