The Literary Arts in Dublin

02Different forms of writing called creative writing are part of the arts and are also prominent in Dublin. There is a long list of writers and composers that come from this small city. In some way, they have all contributed to the world of the arts with their varying talents and writing specialties.

Oscar Wilde is well known as a playwright as well as a novelist and poet. Irish playwright Bernard Shaw is another well recognized artist. Shaw’s contribution to the arts was composing over sixty plays during his lifetime, some of which became more famous than others which included “Man and Superman” and “Pygmalion.” Bernard Shaw was an impressive writer and highly recognized that he was awarded the Nobel Prize winner in 1925.

The literary arts play such an important role in Dublin’s heritage that there is still a great deal of exposure of it to be found within the city. There are many different types of events that are usually ongoing. This consists of festivals, along with readings and literary tours. For those enthusiasts of the literary arts just taking a vacation in Dublin to focus on this would be well worth it.

Nobody who has an appreciation for the literary arts will want to miss the Joycean walking tours that highlight the renowned author James Joyce.

For those who enjoy humor in their readings Dublin literary arts hold no disappointments. Flann O’Brien is one of the contributing authors for this.

Throughout the literary arts applicable to Dublin’s artists many new worlds opened up, both in fictional and non-fictional writing. The hearts and souls of the writers have been put into their works and done so with a passion.

Whether one wants to enter a fantasy world, or enjoy good reads with Dublin itself being the foundation of the story, both and much more can be found in the literary arts of Dublin.

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