How Important Are the Arts to Dublin?

While art in general may be considered as a form of entertainment, those who have an appreciation for it also realize that it has a major impact on the economy. Dublin is certainly not ignoring this important truth, which is why the Irish capital is known for its attention to the world of culture at large, and art in particular.

While it may seem that when financial times are hard, providing financial support through sponsorship of artistic events equals to wasting money, it is certainly not the case here in Dublin. While considered a public expenditure, this kind of financing helps greatly the tourism industry in cities such as Dublin that are famed for the vibrant entertainment scene.

There are many organizations throughout Dublin that support the various categories of arts, and studies have been conducted on their importance to the city and its inhabitants – with positive results occurring. Dublin is smart at supporting the arts community and when economic times are bad it creates the need to reassess where money is best spent. When doing this type of assessment, it is important to look at what type of value the arts are providing to society on the whole. It should not be looked at as how many artists are being supported and assisted or how many events need financial support as this is not the mitigating factor.

It has to be remembered that the arts take in all forms of art and this includes the national monuments that can be found in Dublin. Then there is the preservation of the heritage of the traditional music that not only Dublin but the whole of Ireland is recognized and famous for.

When all of these things are taken into account there is no questioning the importance of the arts to Dublin.

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