Dublin’s Support of the Arts

Dublin is proud of its art heritage and has always been known to support it through the years.

There have been many organizations formed to open doors for new artists. Their mandate has been to preserve the arts, as well as the reputation of the artists themselves. Despite Dublin being the third smallest county throughout all of Ireland, the area is recognized as being the most important for the visual arts in the whole of the country.

Dublin has become the home to some very impressive art galleries, that proudly have on display some exquisite pieces of Irish art. Public art is also highly regarded and there is plenty to enjoy by both residents and visitors to Dublin: don’t miss out on walking tours that showcase the most important ones!

Encouraging artistic talents is important to the city, and this is reflected in the amount of impressive art schools available to every young art enthusiast or hopeful.

Of course Dublin’s love of the art has its roots in the importance of early Celtic art. Many city museums and even Trinity College feature displays of these relics from the distant past, where art enthusiasts are able to trace the relationship between contemporary Irish art and the historic evidence to a glorious past, rich in culture and suggestive artefacts.

Throughout the years there has been a ongoing growth in the different art categories and all indications are that this growth will continue. This is in thanks due to wide support that Dublin in particular, and Ireland in general, has in place for its budding artists.

Aside from galleries and museums art enthusiasts can visit some of the other types of exhibition centers that can be found in Dublin. Crafts are also considered and highly regarded as being part of the Irish art culture.

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