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Architectural Art Forms In Dublin

When one thinks about the arts in Ireland, one cannot forget the important architecture that is so prominent throughout Dublin. This can be readily seen through the stately buildings, both old and new, in

How Important Are the Arts to Dublin?

While art in general may be considered as a form of entertainment, those who have an appreciation for it also realize that it has a major impact on the economy. Dublin is certainly not

New Art Opportunities in Dublin

Almost every country has been hit with hard financial times, and Ireland, with its capital Dublin, has not been immune to this. Nevertheless, those who have visited Dublin in the past few years will

The Arts in Dublin, Ireland

When one refers to art, in general, alludes to a series of activities humans do to express themselves. Dublin has been welcoming and generous enough, throughout history, to have been home to a series

The Performing Arts in Dublin

When one is looking at the performing arts in Dublin, Ireland it is important to look at all of the different variations. It is important for artists in the performing arts to market their

The Visual Arts in Dublin

The visual arts in Dublin take in many different types of categories that come under the visual arts. Dublin has managed to have a wide range of artists that have contributed to the many

The Literary Arts in Dublin

02Different forms of writing called creative writing are part of the arts and are also prominent in Dublin. There is a long list of writers and composers that come from this small city. In

Dublin’s Support of the Arts

Dublin is proud of its art heritage and has always been known to support it through the years. There have been many organizations formed to open doors for new artists. Their mandate has been