Architectural Art Forms In Dublin

When one thinks about the arts in Ireland, one cannot forget the important architecture that is so prominent throughout Dublin. This can be readily seen through the stately buildings, both old and new, in the very center of the city. Anyone who is visiting Dublin and has an interest or an appreciation for the arts will find the variety of styles refreshing – from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century, there is so much to look at!

A “must see” is certainly Dublin’s Custom House. For modern day expression in architecture Dublin has not taken a backseat and this can be seen with the Aviva Stadium which has a sleek and futuristic look to it. Some art enthusiasts are taken aback by the amount and different types of bridges over the river Liffey: not to be missed, don’t forget to cross the Ha’Penny Bridge.

When it comes to historical architectural significance it means having a view of the Gen. Post Office. It had to be restored but it is still a remarkable piece of artistic architecture. Most of those that are taking a trip to Dublin wall have a list of things that they want to see, and for the art lovers that are looking at the architecture probably at the top of the list will be Trinity College. This is one of those historic buildings that has been seen on postcards depicting what Dublin stands for.

It’s not always the entire buildings that call for attention in Dublin either. Taking the time to look at some of the embellishments on the buildings here will certainly be recognized as an art form in themselves. A good example can be seen in the artistic doors that are found on many of the older residences that have stood the passing of time.

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